About Helen

Helen qualified as a general nurse in 1988 in Lancaster, England. She then decided to specialize in children’s nursing and qualified as a paediatric nurse in 1990 in Glasgow, Scotland. After qualifying she worked in a specialized paediatric neuro-surgical unit in a hospital in Glasgow. Following this she worked voluntarily for 6 months in Romania in a children’s hospice and returned to the UK to work as a senoir nurse in a hospice in Glasgow.

In 1995 she came to The Netherlands and worked with Home Care (Thuiszorg), Zoetermeer and in Juliana Kinderziekenhuis (Childrens hospital), Den Haag. During this time she had three children and after working for a time as a maternity home care nurse decided she wanted to learn more about breastfeeding and trained as a Lactation Consultant IBCLC.

Since qualifying in 2012 she has increased her study and knowledge of problems caused by tongue and lip ties and is an advocate for parents who need support when a release is required. This knowledge was put into practice when she worked for a year in Veldhoven near Eindhoven assisting Dr. Kirsten Slagter at het tongue tie clinic.

Helen lives in The Hague where she has a private practice as Lactation Consultant .