‘Kraamzorg’ is a health service which exists in the Netherlands and involves caring for the mother and new-born baby in their homes for 8-10 days following birth. Every family is entitled to receive this service which is reimbursed by your health insurance.

Besides my work as Lactation Consultant I also work as a ‘Kraamverzorgster’, offering this service in The Hague and surrounding areas.

My main priority is to help the ­mother recover and heal. I specialise in breastfeeding support and advice and in care of  the newborn.
From my background as a qualified Nurse and Lactation Consultant I can provide good medical advice and support.

I  also make healthy and nutritious breakfasts and lunches.
A ‘kraamverzorgster’ is also taking care of the mother by lightning her tasks within the home.

However a ‘kraamverzorgster’ is not a cleaner.

As English is my first language, I specialize in working with international and expat families.

How does it work?

Are you expecting a baby? ……. then you will be looking for a good Kraamzorg.
Are you far from home, friends and family and looking for an experienced and professional trained Nurse and Lactation Consultant whose first language is English to take care of you and your baby after the birth?
I have had three children in The Netherlands and know exactly how it feels to be far from home trying to understand another culture and not having the support of families and friends from back home.

I find it important that the baby is in a warm and loving environment and work therefore

as a “Natuurlijke kraamzorg“.

If this is what you are looking for then please contact me.
Please register as soon as possible preferably between the 12th and 16th week of your pregnancy .
Following this I will send you a registration form and a contract to sign.
During the 33rd and 35th week I will come to your house to do an intake.
This involves giving practical information and discussing your special requirements.

Babies however  do not always arrive on the due date.
If I am not available when you give birth I will try to arrange a “back-up” with a colleague until I can come.

Kraamzorg is covered by your insurance, please check how many hours are covered if you do not have a Dutch health insurance.